Engine overheating is among those common issues which the bikers are heard to be complaining about more frequently. Long driven motorbikes or the ones stuck in traffic for hours, can throw a vexatious burning smell or heat being intolerable for your legs or feet. Motorbikes with air cooled engines seem to have a high ratio of overheating problems compared to liquid cooled engines because liquid cooled engines have a coolant running in and out to keep the engine cool and a radiator fan to keep the radiator from overheating.

There are several reasons playing its part towards engine overheating and we have assembled all possible reasons in the form of a list. Let’s discuss these reasons in detail.

  • Spark Plug

If spark plug is faulty, maladjusted, broken or even dirty, will give a hard time in firing your motorcycle adequately and will result in engine overheating ultimately.

  • Incorrect air/fuel mixture 

The other possible reason is that the air-fuel is not mixing up in a desired ratio and this can happen because of several reasons like:

  1. The main jet is clogged or of incorrect size
  2. Fuel level is much low in carburetor float bowl
  3. Carburetor holder is loose
  4. Air filter clogged, missing or not properly sealed
  • High Compression

Sometimes engine cylinders become a victim of a lot of carbon build up in combustion chamber which results in high compression and ultimately becomes a genuine reason of engine overheating.

  • Inadequate lubrication

If engine oil level is too low (oil not changed for a long time) or of poor quality will cause engines to overheat abruptly. Engine oils are responsible to cushion engine parts along with handling 70 to 80 of the waste heat so, if low in quantity or quality, oil will not do its job adequately.

  • Incorrect coolant or cooling system components

In liquid cooled motorbikes, the main cause of engine overheating is coolant. If coolant level is too low or coolant has been decayed with time will cause engine to overheat. Besides the coolant, there is a list of cooling system components whose failure can add too much in engine overheating. Let’s discuss these issues briefly:

Clogged radiator or bad thermostat state are some of the reasons resulting in overheated engines. Thermostat is responsible to regulate flow of coolant to and from radiator to keep engine temperature to desired level. if any of the radiators or thermostat is not in its desired form or shape will cause a motorbike to overheat in long drives. If both of the devices are in good shape, you will have to look for some other things like thermostatic fan, fan relay, fan blades or water pump. All these components should be in good shape for a cool and chill motorcycle ride.