The world has run into a new era of style, race and mileage since the very first Motorcycle was created by German company Hildbrand and Wolfmuller. ‘Harley Davidson’, considered to be the first ever heavy bikes manufacturers in the world, laid foundations of cruiser-style heavyweight motorcycles and set some trends which are being followed by company itself and its competitors around the globe. Many companies came forward with the time with their own graphics, styles, power and established new technology stacks which just revamped the Motorcycles industry at all. As this article is about top 15 Motorbikes of all time. we have compiled a list a bikes, in an historical order, which have been very influential because of its its efficacy or supremacy.

In 1898 an English bicycle making company “Triumph” decided to manufacture motorcycles and developed first motorcycle of its kind in 1902. We said this Motorbike was its own kind because it was bicycle fitted with engine built by Belgians. Triumph made progress in no time and soon it was the largest motorcycle producing company with around 500 units per annum.


HARLEY-DAVIDSON, the first ever manufacturer of cruiser like heavyweight bikes with its self created design template. Harley-Davidson’s first overhead-valve Knucklehead V-twin was very powerful and stylish engine and it was the focal point of the Motorcycle. Also, the bikes loping exhaust cadence was the most attractive part of the bike and is considered as the Harley’s heart beat today. Besides a lot of stylish other elements, its tear-drop fuel tank and fender lines creates such a magical charms that these are still in placed on Motorbikes by Harley.

Triumph Bonneville 120 is named after its top notch claimed speed of 120mph. Bonnevile t120 is above Bonneville’s high torque 900cc Street Twin Motorcycle and beneath the Thruxton racer. However, the fame of this motorcycle’s style and speed debuted in speed trial held at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah. Bonneville T120 was ridden by Hollywood actor Steve McQueen in movie “The Great Escape” and Evel Knievel jumped over fountains of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 1967. This bike enjoyed its fame till new Japanese high performance bikes killed its fame. However, Triumph brand rose up again in 1984 and later introduced its new iconic bike Triumph Bonneville 790.

3. 1969 – HONDA CB750 FOUR

Honda CB750 four arose as a Japanese master piece and an idol of style, speed and performance in itself. Honda CB750 was a complete bike with a bit complex design whose 4-cylinder, four-muffler engine was consisted of 4 carburetors. Honda CB750 was easy to live with having electric start and dick brakes and low maintenance cost.

Honda St series bikes are know as DAX in Europe and Japan and Trail 70 in Canada and America. This bike is basically a step up from CT50 Morta minibike and its “T-bone” frame (having folding handle bars) distinguishes it from other Honda minibikes like  Z50 Monkey, Z50 Gorilla, the CF50, the Ape,  & CF70 etc.

Honda GL1000 opened new horizons for long distance driving as this motorcycle was more than just a new bike. Its liquid cooled, 999 cc 4-cylinder revolutionized powerful engine was capable of 1000 miles per day. As the early GL1000 Gold Wings models don’t have any place luggage so these said be born naked into the world. However, touring amenities were added in later models of Gold Wing on higher consumer demands. Gold Wing initially had an electric starter and a kick starter as well serving as backup to electric one.

Harley Davidson’s Low Rider attracted riders from all over the world from its cruiser like mean-looking design and lower center seat. Compared to Super Glid, row rider was a super hit because of its some peculiar features which made it different from others, it had alloyed front and rear wheels. Its middle seat had only 26″ height, front wheel had two disk brakes and had forks with 32 degrees rake. Harley-Davidson Low Rider’s production caused out-selling of all other Harley Davidson’s bikes (early models) in its first year of production.

BMW R80 G/S is considered world’s first adventure bike whose production was started in Berlin, Germany by BMW Motorrad. This bike earned a lot of fame because of its on-road and off-road capabilities and dual sports design. What makes it different from other BMW road bikes of same era is its 797.5 cc (48.67 cu in) BMW type 247 engine, lighter weight, larger (21 inch) front wheel and greater suspension on long travels.

8. 1984 – KAWASAKI ZX900 NINJA

Kawasaki ZX900 Ninja is said to be the predecessor of modern era sports bike and got a a lot of fame because of its elegant design. Its development took 6 years and is the first 16-valve liquid-cooled four-cylinder motorcycle having 908 cc engine which delivered 115 hp or 86 KW making it first road bike to reach up to the speed of 180 mph or 240 km/h. Just to add for Ninja lovers, this bike was used by Hollywood hero “Tom Cruise” in the movie “Top Gun”.

9. 1985 – SUZUKI GSX-R 750

Gixxer or Suzuki GSX-R 750 is a light weight Motorbike weighing just 395 pounds which is almost same as 440 cc engine bike of that time and all this is because of its light weight aluminum frame. This bike is the perfect replica of racing bike which can be used on roads. Gixxer, because of its elegant racing body look and design, soon became much popular amongst the street racer and hooligans at the same time.

10. 1993 – DUCATI M900 MONSTER

Ducati M900 Monster was a huge attraction for customers who wanted to go faster on streets or touring on hills. Without its Monster range, it is said that Ducati wouldn’t have existed and it is the Monster who made Ducati what it is about today. Ducati M900 Monster is a design icon and this design remained unchanged for 15 years which is said to be a record in itself. Ducati Monster is a naked bike with exposed engine and trellis frame which is a core part for its design efficiency.

11. 1998 – YAMAHA YZ400F

Yahama  YZ400F was equipped with titanium suspension springs was a first bike of its kind which started dirt bike revolution. This bike is the successor of YZ426F whose production was stopped in 2003. Yahama  YZ400F was a game changer which overturned the status quo of 2 stroke bikes which were dominating motocross that time. In 1998, YZ400F proved to be a 4 stroke racing machine when motocross champion ship was won by Doug Henry.

Harley-Davison was manufacturing big motorcycles when they realized that big motorcycles is not a good fit for street driving and they just introduced a new series of street bikes in EICMA show held in Milan in 2013. Street 500 and Street 700 were the first light weight models introduced by Harley since 1974. Harley Street 500 and 750 are powered by 494 cc and 749 cc water-cooled revolution engines respectively.

13. 2015 –  HONDA NM4

Honda NM4 is equipped with 670 cc Parallel-Twin engine, dual clutch transmission and foot forward design to provide relaxed and easy mode cruising to its riders. Among many other futuristic features, NM4 is bundled with unmatched LED lights and the meter which illuminates in any color selected from a pool of 25 distinct colors of your choice.