Why my bike is feeling sluggish? Something, definitely isn’t right with my bike! Why suddenly it started running damn slow? These are a couple questions that everyone of us have asked himself at a point of time since we started riding a bike. We finally come to a conclusion that bike is suffering from some sort of power loss in one form or the other.

Be it a car or a bike, three-wheeler or a truck etc.. You know that if its made up of motors which generates energy then its bound to lose some power too. Sometimes this happens because of the major components problems which required its service or replacement without any delay to make sure that machine stays and run clean.

Most of the time power loss is caused due to the simple carelessness of rider/owner of the bike which and can found and rectified very easily.

As this space is related to Motorcycles, let’s stick on that. So , whenever you feel like bike is running slow or feeling sluggish, go through the following checklist and inspect if it is one of the blokes that is causing problem for you.

Air Filter

One cannot live if deprived of oxygen and same is true for engines too. Bikes generates energy through combustion and engines need air for this process. Air is supplied through filters which are fitted in intake manifold which make sure only clean air enters into the combustion chamber.

As the filters duty is to provide clean air to the combustion chamber it himself gets dirt with the passage of time which means its performance slows down because of the clogging with air dirt. If the cleaning of the filters is not done from time to time, bikes start to stop responding to your inputs because of not carrying out combustion properly. Now go and clean your bike’s filters if not cleaned in a while 🙂

Saggy Chain

Saggy or loose chains are probably the most common part overlooked by owners during regular maintenance and a general reason for power loss. Chain drive is the medium whose duty is to make wheels utilize energy generated from combustion of fuel.

So, the loose chains must be maintained at all time, the reason being, if that chain is loose then there is a huge energy loss loss which we refer as power loss. The adjusted chains tends to get saggy with time due to pressure put on it while transferring energy from the crank to the wheel. So, make sure to check and adjust the slackness of chain every 500 to 1000 kms.

Chain Lubrication

Chain lubrication is very important because dry chains cause power loss because of friction during transferring power to the rear wheel through the sprockets. The higher the friction the greater is the power loss during transmission of power. So, make it a point to not left your bike’s chains dry and try to properly lube it with oil or any other lubricating agent.

Tyre Pressure

If the Tyre pressure is not up to the mark, this will give a hard time to the bike in moving forward.  The routine check up of the Tyre is essential to prune any power loss. When air leaks out of the Tyre, the contact patch on the Tyre gets more which results in extra drag, more fuel consumption and lower performance.


Good Quality Fuel

Always try to use good quality fuel as third grade or low quality fuel causes improper combustion which results in low performance or energy loss.